Remember, as a child, dreams populated your head of what you wanted to be when you grew up? Those images of an entrepreneur, lawyer, teacher, or engineer were so vivid and clear that the possibility seemed almost destined to be. One thing’s for sure, you never stop dreaming. You may dream less but do you see how easy it was for your brain to reflect on those memories? These are the images we want to cultivate in the minds of our young people. If you believe that dreams can come true, invest in our young people and remind them that there’s a future with their DREAM on it!


“Growing up, I’ve always known that I loved working with young people, had an interest in administration, and aspired to be an entrepreneur. Like many young people, I struggled with how to turn these varied interests into a specific career path. Things became clearer as a result of very focused internships, volunteering, taking assessments, and being coached. This journey led me to what I was designed to do.” Dionne Grayson, President & CEO of Lead2Change

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Your funds will continue to assist us with providing leadership opportunities for Lead2Change and our signature programs.
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Donations can be made in a variety of ways: MONETARY DONATIONS (includes credit/debit, cash or check), IN-KIND DONATION, or you may also donate your services and time as a VOLUNTEER with Lead2Change, Inc.
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