"Lead2Change required us to develop financial management skills because we were charged with grant fund allocation. This is a skill I use daily in my role as Diversity and Inclusion Manager at the Medical College of Wisconsin." - Ashley Hines


We appreciate your monetary and/or in-kind donation(s) to help fulfill our mission and vision. We’re impacting lives! If you are interested in helping Lead2Change prepare the generation of workforce professionals, please browse our website or call us to learn more.

Your support will help young people find their passion and follow their path



Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do with your donations?

Your funds will continue to assist us with providing leadership opportunities for the Youth Advisory Council as they work to allocate funds through our Youth In Service Fund, Girls Leading Change and DreamBig! grant programs.

How can you donate?

Donations can be made in a variety of ways: MONETARY DONATIONS (includes credit/debit, cash or check), IN-KIND DONATION, or you may also donate your services and time as a VOLUNTEER with Lead2Change, Inc.

How will my gift be acknowledged?

Your donation will be acknowledged in publication materials. The option to remain anonymous is available upon request.

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