"Not only has Dream.Explore.Build prepared me to be a successful individual, it has inspired me to pay it forward." - Nicholas Robinson

Program Overview

I know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering what’s next. You have the desire to become an attorney, doctor, or maybe a journalist. Deep inside there is an itch to be powerful in your own skin, including your desire to change the world but you’re unsure of how to achieve those goals. You dream often of what it would be like to inspire and be inspired. Well, your wondering stops now…

Are you ready to fulfill your dreams through a life-changing experience? Determined to unmask the opportunities that are at your fingertips? Wherever you are in life, Dream.Explore.Build. needs you! Become a DreamBuilder today and invest in something great, invest in your future – invest in YOU! The very steps you will take in this program will become the steps necessary to get you to where you desire to be in life!

The Brick by Brick Curriculum

Dream.Explore.Build.Dream.Explore.Build. is an exciting program designed to engage young people in purposefully planning their futures. From the recruitment process to the internship, the goal of the program is that all participants discover their purpose, understand their potential, and realize their dreams.

Dream.Explore.Build. is designed to make an impact using a three-tiered approach centered on development and training. We want to ensure that youth have a better grasp of their identity and potential for success. Many times young people with goals of becoming nurses, engineers or politicians see those goals unfulfilled due to lack of awareness, preparation and exposure.

Through the curriculum “Brick by Brick,” young people develop a broad-based skillset for personal and professional success in both their chosen careers as well as their social lives. The lessons they learn can be applied to a diverse collection of life decisions connecting them to their dreams. Hands-on experience makes their career goals that much more attainable.

Brick by Brick’s learning objectives are presented through classroom instruction and supported by weekly lifeshops. Lifeshops are workshops aimed at preparing youth for real-life challenges. Sessions include, but are not limited to, financial planning, conflict management, and effective teamwork. The program culminates with an eight week, paid internship experience when young people are placed in an environment that aligns with their career goals. Every young person navigating through the internship experience is supported by the assistance of an advancement coach.

The program culminates with a paid, eight-week internship where young people are placed in an environment that aligns with their career goals. Additionally, Dream.Explore.Build. offers architectural, medical and entrepreneurship cohorts for students who identify these as career interests.

The Experience

The Process

If you are interested in participating in the Dream.Explore.Build. program, download and submit your application by the deadline. Interviews will take place during the weeks after the deadline. Should you have additional questions about the program, feel free to contact us at info@lead2changeinc.org and we will be happy to assist you. Please put Dream.Explore.Build. in the subject line.

We are also looking for Very Involved Parents (V.I.P.). V.I.P. parents support the students and families of Lead2Change in the Dream.Explore.Build. career readiness program. While the parents come together as a support network for their students; Lead2Change partners to support parents with bi-monthly workshops and community forums on career-ready issues impacting them and their students. The V.I.P. parents will help serve as a liaison to all families served through the Dream.Explore.Build. program.

Dream.Explore.Build. is a program of Building Your Dreams, Inc.

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