Imagine… young adults prepared to enter the workforce; confident, poised and professional. Imagine youth equipped to navigate challenges with grit, and dedicated to construct a more vibrant and stronger community. Imagine being a part of Lead2Change.

“D.E.B. helped me improve my professionalism and public speaking skills. In any job that you pursue, it is always important to be professional. Great public speaking skills are essential for any career field you go into, especially mine. At any point in time, you have to be ready to grab the attention of the room and calm the crowd.” –Dream Builder

“Today, I make to-do lists for both long and short-term goals, which has helped me achieve what I set out to do. In addition, when meeting people, I definitely put myself out there and clearly make it known what I am interested in; and people are receptive! For instance, I interviewed with a woman who provided me with a lot of information, and she asked that I keep in contact with her.” –Dream Builder


As a result of being engaged with Lead2Change, you can look forward to developing in these eight core competencies: