Signature Programs

Lead2Change is a leading career-readiness organization that equips young people with essential tools to be successful in college, their career and the community. Since its inception in 2011, Lead2Change has empowered more than 400 young people, ages 16 to 24 years old, to be catalysts for change in their communities through career development classes, workshops and internships.



Imagine a generation of youth prepared to enter the workforce — a generation confident, poised and professional — a generation equipped to navigate challenges with grit and dedication to construct a more vibrant and stronger community. Imagine being a part of Dream.Explore.Build. (D.E.B.)

D.E.B. is a career-readiness program designed to engage high school students in cultivating their dreams, exploring their strengths, and building their futures. Through a series of intentionally designed experience, students receive professional development and are exposed to prospective careers through paid internships. From recruitment to completion, the goal of this 11-month experience is to ensure that students exude confidence, express professionalism, and embrace a career-ready mindset.

Our career exploration curriculum includes 300 hours of instruction, reflection, sharing, peer-to-peer feedback, and an exciting internship. The program continues with career assessments, talent and value evaluations, and is followed by career field research. A well-rounded program, D.E.B. also equips students with time management, conflict resolution, and money management workshops. Our goal is for students to thrive as professional leaders in our global workforce and beyond.


[dreem] – noun: an aspiration; goal; aim

As the first-tier of the program, “Dream.” begins with a young person whose willingness and passion to build his or her dream is awakened and clear.


[ik-‘splohr] – transitive verb: to traverse or range over for the purpose of discovery.

Exploration is a life-long process and we support students in exploring their strengths, while also addressing and overcoming their weaknesses.


[bild] = transitive verb: to establish, increase, or strengthen

Building is the application and culmination of the program basics. You’ve dreamed and explored, now it’s time to build the future intentionally designed for you. Shall we begin?

Career Clusters

Career Clusters are an interactive (and fun) way for Dream Builders to “try on” prospective careers (while getting paid)! For 6 weeks, experienced professionals will guide Dream Builders down a rewarding and unforgettable journey.

Agriculture Food & Natural Resources

Do you have a green thumb? Do you enjoy agriculture and the endless possibilities that spring from the ground? Unearth the endless possibilities in this cohort.

Education & Training

Do you have a passion for teaching? If you don’t shy away from a crowd and, instead, find it easy to engage with people, you may have a future in this cohort.

Hospitality & Tourism

Are you the go-to person for planning events and getting the party started? Do people rave about your cooking skills? There are endless possibilities in this cohort.


Do you enjoy working with your hands? If the three P’s (planning, producing and processing) catch your eye, the Manufacturing cohort may be for you.

Architecture & Construction

Remember building tall towers with your Legos as a young child? If you enjoy designing and planning, a career in architecture & construction may be in your future.


Are you good at crunching numbers? Are you running out of space on your fridge at home from showcasing all of your A’s on math tests? A career in finance may be for you.

Human Services

Are you passionate about helping others, especially making a positive impact in families’ lives? Consider exploring the Human Services cohort.


You’ve been told you have a creative mind. If prompted, you could even sale the pen in your pocket. You often find yourself paying attention to ads and marketing ploys of people and products. If this sounds like you, this cohort is waiting for you.

Arts, Audio/Video Technology

Lights! Camera! Action! Whether you enjoy being in front of the camera, behind the camera, or writing the script, there is a place for you here to shine and be your creative self!

Government & Public Administration

Is running for office in your future? Or perhaps you would prefer to run a campaign or work in a position that allows you to impact policy on the local, state, and/or federal level. Dust off that suit and see what this cohort has to offer.

Information Technology

Is your MacBook always glued to your hip? Does coding, HTML’s and computer jargon excite you? Learn how to crack that code with the IT cohort!

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Research, mathematic equations, labs and the elaborate white coat are your idea of a great time. Experiment with the STEM cohort and take your first step in changing the world.

Business Management & Administration

Do you find yourself doodling about that cool idea that you hope to one day start up? If this sounds like you, embrace that entrepreneurial mindset and explore this cohort.

Health Science

As a child, all of your teddy bears received wellness checkups with your toy stethoscope. As you grew older, your interest in medicine only increased. What if you are the person to discover the cure for a disease? Explore the many facets of health and medicine in this cohort.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Do you find yourself watching Law & Order marathons on your days off? Passionate about protecting and serving? The Law & Public Safety cohort may be for you.

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

If transportation systems and infrastructure planning sounds like your thing; explore this cohort and begin your journey.



Lead2Change Interact

Are you ready to take action, build international understanding, and make new friends around the world? Lead2Change Interact, in affiliation with Mequon Rotary After Hours Club, offers students leadership and community service opportunities both locally and internationally to expose youth to new cultures and promote international understanding.

Lead2Change Interact Club helps young people:

  • Connect with school and community leaders
  • Develop intrinsic leadership skills
  • Make international connections
  • Discover the power of “Service above Self” through more opportunities to connect with Rotary