We invite you to join our distinguished group of individual donors that help make our Dream Builder’s post-graduation transition more secure. Each month, you will receive a newsletter detailing how your donations are helping us make impactful change in the lives of our young people. We offer the following donor engagement opportunities and more:

  • A donation of any amount will help put students on a path to post-program advancement and help students successfully explore their career interests while developing valuable leadership skills.
  • Join our $21 For ‘21 Campaign by making a recurring monthly donation of $21.00 to Lead2Change for one year.
  • A $200 donation will cover the cost of
    activity boxes for one student. This will give students the resources needed to successfully complete the program year.
  • A $50,000 donation will support a class of 25 students to complete the Dream.Explore.Build. career-readiness experience.


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