Team Member Commitment to Core Competencies

At Lead2Change, certain values shape and influence all our decisions and actions. There are core competencies that must be demonstrated by all employees and contribute directly to results related to: quality and safety, service, people, finance, and operations and growth.

Core Competencies (Organizational Culture Framework) – required of all staff for successful performance at Lead2Change

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence – Intentional use of data to improve performance. Possesses strong drive, initiative and motivation. Detail and results orientation. Demonstrates good work habits. Resiliency in persisting through setbacks. Demonstrated success, with the ability to think strategically while executing tactically within a resource constrained environment.

Strategic Thinking – Seeks and utilizes resources to inform and contextualize own work. Thinks interdependently, framing the goals of one department/project within the entire vision. Synthesizes information to make astute recommendations and/or decisions. Prioritizes goals for success.

Investment in Others – Creates an environment that maximizes the return on investment in others. Collaborates to set and achieve goals that comport with Lead2Change’s mission, strategic plan and desired measurable outcomes. Creates and utilizes development opportunities to address individual needs and capacity to accomplish performance
objectives. Creates and identifies opportunities for recognition of success. Provides supportive environment to learn from mistakes.

Effective Communication – Courageous, strategic, clear and direct communication that resolves discrepancies and overcomes challenges and obstacles to organizational success. Ability to respectfully ask questions, challenge, and communicate both positive and difficult messages to subordinates, superiors, peers and youth. Sound judgment regarding the appropriateness of guarding confidentiality to protect the privacy rights of colleagues, youth and families. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Courage – Asks questions to learn and encourage dialogue. Willing to make mistakes and to be accountable for own work. Speaks about issues truthfully and without blame. Leads by example, displaying behavior that respects the mission, youth, families and Lead2Change. Holds high expectations for self, one another, and for our youth and families.